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What connects countries around the world? Apart from cultural differences, many people have a clear interest in life size realistic premium TPE sex dolls, at least according to the search data of various channels.

When we analyzed the ranking of “sex dolls” searches, we found a lot of interesting information, for example, Australia ranked first, while India, where sex dolls are banned, ranked seventh. Not surprisingly, the Nordic countries occupy the top five spots, and they often top the rankings for other adult products as well.

In the data report, the U.S. only came in fifth, but it’s still by far the largest silicone TPE sex doll market, with France in 18th, followed by the U.K. and Russia in 19th and 20th. Japan, a big otaku country, was only the second-last country in terms of search volume, perhaps because the secondary genre and hand-me-downs are more attractive to them. The report surveyed 44 of the world’s most searched countries and regions, and found that many countries used the English word “sex doll” along with local terms. In some cases, the use of English on adult products is more common.

One of the most surprising top ten countries is Brunei in Southeast Asia. This oil-rich country of 470,000 people is a conservative Islamic country where people seem to have a strong obsession with huge butt big boobs TPE sex dolls. Another country worth exploring is Israel. Why do they like fantasy blonde TPE sex dolls so much?

The data report only focuses on the general term “sex doll” and does not take into account preferences such as associated words and long-tail words. But it does give us some insight into which countries and regions like these products.

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At first, we didn’t realize the deep value of adult huge butts TPE dolls and just treated it as an adult sex toy. This one-sided understanding of sex dolls proved to be incorrect.

Everyone has different expectations for this particular kind of love and sex. For example, there is a group of sex doll lovers who want to have the most perfect best deals anime TPE sex doll possible in their daily lives, others, they are more concerned about the integrity of the blonde mature tan skin TPE sex doll. And for those who have lost a loved one or are older, they need companionship more than anything else. So can a super real feel TPE sex doll replace a person who has passed away?

Of course, no one can truly replace the person you loved and lost, but can something or someone make you feel better when you are grieving? Many people believe TPE sex dolls are the answer!

There have been people who wanted sex dolls made with their deceased wives as a reference because they couldn’t accept the loss of their loved ones. Frankly, it is possible with today’s technology to create a hourglass figure love doll that looks just like someone. With this super realistic medium boobs sex doll, they may be able to take a shorter time to get over their grief and start their new life.

But a fully customized sex doll can take up to 3-6 months, and custom dolls require special technical support and are very expensive. Instead of spending a high price on a custom sex doll, choose a small boobs black skin premium TPE sex doll that you think is similar to someone from the online sex doll manufacturer’s existing products, such as uxdoll doll store, where there are up to 400+ best deals TPE sex dolls to choose from, and you can also combine the separately doll heads and bodies of these dolls to create a unique doll at a very affordable price.

A real white skin TPE sex doll can bring healing because it is easier to interact with. A real human being has emotions and needs, while sex dolls are silent and make a calming presence, young fantasy and curvy TPE sex dolls will always satisfy a human being’s needs.

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