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There have been people who wanted sex dolls made with their deceased wives as a reference because they couldn’t accept the loss of their loved ones. Frankly, it is possible with today’s technology to create a hourglass figure love doll that looks just like someone. With this super realistic medium boobs sex doll, they may be able to take a shorter time to get over their grief and start their new life.

But a fully customized sex doll can take up to 3-6 months, and custom dolls require special technical support and are very expensive. Instead of spending a high price on a custom sex doll, choose a small boobs black skin premium TPE sex doll that you think is similar to someone from the online sex doll manufacturer’s existing products, such as uxdoll doll store, where there are up to 400+ best deals TPE sex dolls to choose from, and you can also combine the separately doll heads and bodies of these dolls to create a unique doll at a very affordable price.

A real white skin TPE sex doll can bring healing because it is easier to interact with. A real human being has emotions and needs, while sex dolls are silent and make a calming presence, young fantasy and curvy TPE sex dolls will always satisfy a human being’s needs.

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Anybody else been balls deep in the action with these busty porn videos? I hate to brag but I certainly have. So many different babes and so many awesome tits, you’d have to be silly not to have a bit of fun with this much on offer.

I had to do a double-take as I watched this Russian blonde sucks off a guy she just met for fun. Just for fun? seriously, this cute blonde sucks his dick just because she wanted to have a bit of fun? She sure sounds like my type of girl, that’s for sure.

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