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What connects countries around the world? Apart from cultural differences, many people have a clear interest in life size realistic premium TPE sex dolls, at least according to the search data of various channels.

When we analyzed the ranking of “sex dolls” searches, we found a lot of interesting information, for example, Australia ranked first, while India, where sex dolls are banned, ranked seventh. Not surprisingly, the Nordic countries occupy the top five spots, and they often top the rankings for other adult products as well.

In the data report, the U.S. only came in fifth, but it’s still by far the largest silicone TPE sex doll market, with France in 18th, followed by the U.K. and Russia in 19th and 20th. Japan, a big otaku country, was only the second-last country in terms of search volume, perhaps because the secondary genre and hand-me-downs are more attractive to them. The report surveyed 44 of the world’s most searched countries and regions, and found that many countries used the English word “sex doll” along with local terms. In some cases, the use of English on adult products is more common.

One of the most surprising top ten countries is Brunei in Southeast Asia. This oil-rich country of 470,000 people is a conservative Islamic country where people seem to have a strong obsession with huge butt big boobs TPE sex dolls. Another country worth exploring is Israel. Why do they like fantasy blonde TPE sex dolls so much?

The data report only focuses on the general term “sex doll” and does not take into account preferences such as associated words and long-tail words. But it does give us some insight into which countries and regions like these products.

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